X Factor presenter has an interesting theory about the the TV mogul's charms

Dermot O’Leary can’t get his head around how much The X Factor contestants love Simon Cowell.

Since taking over as presenter of the talent show from Kate Thornton, Dermot, 33, has been studying how the wannabes react to 47-year-old Simon’s charms.

‘It’s astonishing. All most of the contestants want is to meet Simon,’ says the Big Brother’s Little Brother presenter.

‘If they get three nos and one yes and the yes is from Simon, they act like you’ve put them through to the next round,’

But Dermot has an explanation.

‘I think it’s a Luke Skywalker thing,’ he tells The Daily Telegraph. ‘People just want affirmation from their father, for him to be the one to say, “Yes my son, I am proud of you.” Simon’s their Darth Vader.’

Suzannah Ramsdale