The X Factor host admits he rarely chats to his boss as he teases details of the new series...

With three months to go until The X Factor kicks off again, Dermot O’Leary is hopeful there will be no changes to his role as host of the ITV show. But while his job is secure – along with his wardrobe allowance – he reveals he’s terrified of boss Simon Cowell texting him…

Speaking to us backstage at last week’s TRIC Awards, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane, Dermot told us his first X Factor 2018 meeting was with producers – not Simon – and was done over a chicken dinner!

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The X Factor begins again in June, I’ve had one meeting and we just ate chicken,’ he told us. ‘I don’t know if they’ll make some changes this time. It’s always weird with The X Factor. Strictly never makes any changes, but there’s always the expectation on The X Factor to make those changes – and I get it. For me, it’s always 
nice to go on stage and see 
four people you know well 
and you can speak to them in any way you like.’

But while Dermot, 44, is looking forward to catching up with the judges – who are yet to be confirmed – when filming for the new series starts, he admits for the other half of the year he hardly speaks to Simon. ‘We go cold turkey,’ said Dermot. ‘We text each other every month or so. He’s not bad on text but there are no emojis – unless Eric gets hold of the phone. He texts in proper words. I’m the same – I’m not a 
big text speaker.’

But when it comes to the ‘text-factor’ there’s one thing Dermot dreads, he explains, ‘The day 
he [Simon] sends me a ‘poo’ emoji then I’m really starting 
to worry!’
We totally get it, that’s the last emoji you’d want to receive from your boss. Go on, Simon, we dare you…