Presenter to leave Channel 4 show to avoid 'wear and tear'

Countdown presenter Des Lynam says he will quit the show because he can no longer face the 250 mile journey from his home in West Sussex to the studios in Leeds.

Channel 4 bosses said they were prepared to do anything to keep the 64-year-old on board and would even start filming in London.

But Des has turned down their offer saying it would be too inconvenient for others on the show.

‘I didn’t want to be responsible for that disruption,’ he says. ‘It would be unforgivable. We do five shows in a day which everybody finds extremely tiring.

‘It’s the sort of schedule I don’t want to commit myself to anymore. I have decided that after a year and a half I’m going to withdraw and save the wear and tear.’

He insists that the decision to leave the show is not because he is suffering from any illness.

Des says he will miss his colleagues and fans but he knows he has made the right choice. ‘I knew instinctively this was the right thing to do,’ he adds. ‘I talked to my loved ones and they agreed.’

His last episode will be aired at Christmas

Pooja Gulati