Pregnant Kim Kardashian has already had her eggs frozen…

Kim Kardashian’s blooming during her second pregnancy. But while she’s only months away from giving birth, the 34-year-old star’s already put measures in place for extending her family.

Now can reveal that Kim has secretly had her eggs frozen in case she has to undergo a hysterectomy after she delivers her son in December, due to placenta problems. During her pregnancy with daughter North, two, Kim developed placenta accreta – a condition in which the blood vessels of the placenta attach too deeply to the uterine wall. This time round, she’s been told the heartbreaking news that there’s a high chance her uterus will have to be removed.

A friend of Kim’s reveals the reality star had her eggs frozen earlier this year in an attempt to assure a big family for her and hubby Kanye West, 38. The friend tells Now: ‘Kim’s fairly resigned to this being her last pregnancy, but she and Kanye have always said they wanted four kids. She had her eggs harvested in January when they were struggling to conceive and she says she’s so glad she did it. She nearly froze her eggs just before getting pregnant with North, so it’s nothing new for her.

‘Kim’s praying that she won’t have to have a hysterectomy, but her doctors have told her there’s
a very high chance it’ll happen. They’ve also told her that, because of the problems with her placenta,  she’ll probably need a C-section this time.

‘Kim had a natural birth with Nori and she wanted the same for her son, so that’s disappointing. But she’s not letting it get her down. All she cares about is having a healthy baby. If he needs a little help getting out, then so be it. ‘But losing her uterus and having to go through an early menopause isn’t as easy for her to accept. If it happens, it’ll be a huge blow. The only saving grace is that she’s frozen her eggs. Kim’s thanking her lucky stars she went ahead and had some harvested. She’s grateful that she listened to her mom Kris and her sisters – especially Khloé – who were all urging her to do it.’



The source says that Kim has no problems with using a surrogate in future if she has to. ‘She and
Kanye want to have at least two more children, so if Kim does lose her uterus they’ll hire a surrogate,’ adds the insider. Kim even discussed this option when struggling to get pregnant the first time and her mum Kris suggested Kourtney could do it, so that’s a possible option.

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Kim’s been asking Kris about menopausal symptoms and wasn’t overjoyed by her answers. ‘Her mom’s going through the menopause and it hasn’t been easy, especially the mood swings, so Kim’s dreading that side of things,’ says the source. ‘Kris gave her a run-down of all the bad things that happen so she’s prepared, but she did have a mini meltdown when Kris told her about vaginal dryness and her lower sex drive.

‘Kim’s always been very squeamish about these kinds of things, but since becoming a mom she’s a lot more practical about her health. Having healthy children and taking care of herself is more important to her than anything. And if it means going through a few years of hot flushes, that’s how it has to be.’