The X Factor star says her home was haunted

Diana Vickers turned to an exorcist when she once lived in a haunted house.

The X Factor 2008 finalist says the woman helped expel an evil spirit.

‘My record company put me in a house on Sloane Square and I got really bad vibes from the minute I walked in,’ explains Diana.

‘I slept with the light on for four months and I used to hear tapping in the night…

‘Eventually I got an exorcist to come round and she told me there was the ghost of a little boy in the house. She did an exorcism and sent him away.’

Diana, 18, admits it’s not the only supernatural experience she’s had.

‘I swear I saw a ghost in my mum and dad’s bedroom when I was little,’ she insists.

‘Another time, I was on the bed and this force grabbed my head and hit me. I flew forward and hit the wall…It was so weird. We moved out of that house!’