Singer reportedly loses it backstage at MTV Music Awards

Amy Winehouse is reported to have trashed her dressing room before the MTV European Music Awards last week – by flinging spaghetti bolognese everywhere.

The troubled singer – who performed a shambolic rendition of Back To Black – is said to have smashed up her room, throwing anything she could get her hands on and shocking rap star Snoop Dog who popped round to see her.

‘An hour and half before the show Snoop said he wanted to see Amy,’ a member of Snoop’s entourage reveals.

‘When we got there, she was in a right state. Everyone, including her management just stood there as she lobbed spaghetti up the walls.’

And 24-year-old Amy’s behaviour grew even more bizarre when she allegedly started cutting up the carpet and throwing chairs.

‘Snoop was just standing there open mouthed,’ the source tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘He was pretty freaked out by it and didn’t want to hang out with her after that.’

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