Their mutual attraction's been blatant - so, is David Gandy the male model Melanie Sykes sent saucy pics to?

Mel Sykes‘ marriage ended after six months amid rumours of booze-fuelled rages, according to her estranged hubby Jack Cockings. But there’s also the not-so-small matter of her sexting a well-known male model before they wed.

Jack recently revealed he almost pulled out of marrying Mel after he allegedly caught the I’m A Celebrity star sending semi-naked pictures to a mystery male model. ‘These were underwear shots,’ Jack, 28, revealed. ‘I was angry and hurt. I felt betrayed. I was contemplating not going through with the wedding.’

Could it be coincidence, then, that Mel, 44, has a raging crush on model David Gandy? She’s in luck because the feeling is mutual. Although David, 34, has recently rekindled his romance with Mollie King, he’s admitted that he fancies Mel too.

Mel’s raved about her crush on Twitter and clearly fancies the Marks & Sparks pants off David. As well as Tweeting him her gushing admiration directly – her latest message was in September – she has posted semi-naked shots of David, who she labels the ‘ONLY male supermodel’ for her female followers, with captions like:
‘God bless Essex boys. David Gandy Phwooaaaaarrr xxxxxxxx
‘; and: ‘Some gratuitous pleasure for the ladies. Introducing @DavidGandy hee hee xxxx‘.

David admitted he had the hots for Mel back in May 2013 on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show. When Alan revealed: ‘I did that radio show with Melanie Sykes. My God, we had to hose the woman down,’ David replied: ‘I have a crush on Melanie. I always have done, so I was probably the same.’ Ooh-er!

A source tells us: ‘Mel’s made her feelings for David very clear and who can blame her? He’s a gorgeous specimen. They’d make a beautiful couple, for sure.’

It wouldn’t be the first time Mel’s met her match on Twitter. She shocked the showbiz world by flirting outrageously with now ex Jack on the site and swapping saucy pics.

Mel posted comments such as: ‘I’ve got the giddiest knickers of my life,’ and: ‘I’ve got the raging horn, please take me.’

Within weeks of hooking up on Twitter they were living together. Three months after their first meeting they got engaged and in May 2013 they married. But Mel allegedly had anger issues, which led to Jack calling the police in November last year following a row at their north London home.

‘I locked myself in the bedroom and rang police because I wanted to show her what she was doing was unacceptable,’ Jack said. ‘Two police officers turned up and took pictures of the marks around my neck and face. I didn’t want them to arrest her – I wanted them to say: “You’re going to get in trouble if you keep doing this.”‘

Officers arrested Mel and she was cautioned for common assault, although this was later withdrawn. The pair will have to wait until November 2015 for a divorce because neither’s willing to admit unreasonable behaviour, according to reports.

David meanwhile confirmed he was back with The Saturdays’ Mollie, 27, last month. The couple’s 10-month relationship came to an abrupt end in 2011 but she now has her own clothes drawer in his custom built walk-in wardrobe. Things might get a bit awkward if Mollie bumps into Mel when she’s back from Oz!

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