Shock claims have emerged about what a tough time Lamar Odom was having before his tragic collapse

We’ve all been waiting and praying for some good news to come from the Kardashian camp about Lamar Odom after his tragic collapse on Wednesday, but sadly things are still looking tough.

Overnight Guillermo Castillo, the dad to Lamar’s late friend Jamie, spoke out saying he thinks both Jamie and Lamar ‘had a death wish.’

New York Daily News reported that the former Lakers star and Khloe Kardashian‘s ex husband was crushed when his childhood best friend, Jamie Sangouthai, died from a heroin-related infection in June.



‘I think Lamar is done,’ Jamie’s dad said. ‘I think most of it is because he missed my son so much. I think deep inside they had a death wish, or a wish to die together.

‘It sounds very cold-blooded, but I have a hard time controlling my emotions,’ Guillermo Castillo told The Daily News.

Jamie was the best man at Lamar and Khloe’s 2009 wedding, but died from a flesh-eating bacteria linked to intravenous heroin abuse.

Days later Lamar’s other close friend Bobby Heyward died of a reported drug overdose.

‘I’m also sure, 200 per cent, that everybody saw the signs that Lamar needed serious help,’ Jamie’s dad added.

‘Did anyone say, ‘Hey Lamar, let’s go to a rehab centre. We’re going to try to save you so you don’t end up like Jamie.’ Did anybody do that? Because how could you see Lamar and my son for two minutes and not see they were like one person?

‘The signs were there, straight from A to Z. Did they choose to ignore the signs?’

Of course, Guillermo may not have been aware of the numerous reports that Khloe and all the Kardashian family had been trying to get Lamar to rehab.

Let’s keep hoping that he pulls through.

Lydia Southern