Fans say the singer's driver used flashing lights to cut through the queues after gig


We feel Madonna‘s pain, we really do. Getting home after a concert when there’s thousands of other people trying to do the same thing can be a total b*tch.

But the singer’s now facing a backlash from fans after some claimed she used fake flashing police lights to jump the traffic after her own show at London’s O2.

According to some audience members who just an hour earlier were rocking out to Madge’s famous jams, she left the gig in a car which had red and blue flashing lights on the dashboard, which gave other drivers the impression she was traveling in an unmarked police car.

A nifty trick to allow Madonna’s car to sweep through the crowds and get back to her West London pad pronto.


One fan told The Sun: ‘Nobody was moving, then all of a sudden there’s this huge commotion and I saw flashing lights and heard a horn beeping. Then I saw a car and we figured it was an undercover cop. It was beeping so all the traffic let it through.

Some drivers were really annoyed. Then I looked into the car and saw Madonna. She’s being driven out with a flashing light sat on the dashboard.’

Annoying your concert crowd is never a good move, but if the claims are true, Madge’s team might have a bigger problem on their hands.

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The police have confirmed that installing or using flashing lights on cars in that way is a traffic offence and the driver could risk a prison sentence for impersonating a police officer.

Should’ve just taken the tube, Madge.