Did Peter and Emily take the piste?


Loved-up Peter Andre and fiancee Emily MacDonagh looked the picture of happiness as they hit the slopes of Sainte Foy in France.

And as they returned to Gatwick airport arm in arm and all smiles, they couldn’t have looked more at ease.

Perhaps not so at ease, however, is Pete’s ex Katie Price who would have had to watch the scenes play out from back home in Blighty.

For we can reveal it was actually Katie‘s dream to go on a skiing holiday over the festive season.

She told Now earlier this year: ‘The whole family are looking forward to staying in a ski chalet this Christmas and I know the kids will love it.’

Although nothing had been booked at the time, our insider said: ‘She wants to give them all [the kids] something to remember because last year was such a bad time for her. She wants to do something really, really, special.’

Since then Kate has had adorable baby Bunny and also her seventh boob job, which has meant she has had to put her dream trip on the backburner for now.

But the slopes weren’t off limits for Pete, 41,and Emily, 25, who by the looks of their pictures, had the time of their lives while away. Now they are back and refreshed, the couple is looking forward to spending their first Christmas with baby Amelia.

Katie and Pete take it in turns to have their two children Junior, nine, and Princess, seven, at Christmas.

Last year Pete had the kids on Christmas Day, which caused a bone of contention with Katie who complained that Pete did not make it easy for her to see her children over the festive season. This year it’s Katie‘s turn to have their two children together on Christmas Day while Pete focuses on his first Christmas with his 11-month-old baby Amelia.

With a New Year court battle looming between the warring exes who split five years ago, it looks like they could all do with as much rest as they can get.

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