Or could it be Perrie Edward's message to girl Zayn Malik was sensationally linked to in Thailand...

It looks like Zayn Malik has let the reaction of fans still angry he quit One Direction go to his head.

Little Mixer Perrie Edwards posted this picture of her looking a little embarrassed to be with her fiancé who had appeared to have dyed his hair KERMIT GREEN.

Posting the pic on her Instagram yesterday, Perrie wrote #GreenHairDontCare. So what prompted such a drastic new hue?

Could it be Zayn’s response to some disgruntled 1D fans who booed every time Zayn’s picture was shown at One Direction’s concert in Cardiff on Friday night?

The boys were kicking off the second leg of their On The Road Tour and emotions were clearly running high. Everything seemed fine until the advert for 1D’s fragrance You & I began to play on the big screens.

When Zayn’s face appeared, the sound of booing was clearly audible.

But when the lads were asked about it before they stepped on to the stage at Capital’s Summertime Ball the next day, they glossed over the story.

‘It’s the first we’ve heard of it’, said Louis Tomlinson.

But that’s not the only pain point in Zayn’s life right now. Tonight (7 June), marks the start of ITV2’s new show Love Island, featuring the girl Zayn was linked to in Thailand just before he quit the band in March.

The pictures of Lauren holding hands with Zayn, 22, after meeting him in a club, and the ensuing scandal that followed led to Zayn deciding to leave the ahem LIME-light.

Now, Lauren is going to be on our screens every night for the show, which lasts SIX WEEKS.

So could Perrie’s #GreenHairDontCare message be to Lauren?

Lauren, 19, who spoke to Now’s Showbiz Editor Amy Brookbanks last week, insists ‘absolutely nothing happened’ between her and Zayn on that infamous night and that ‘everything was blown out of proportion.’

Despite being pictured holding Zayn’s hand in the street while she was on holiday, Lauren says that she only wanted a picture taken with the popstar and nothing more.

‘I went into the VIP of the club and Example was playing. I couldn’t believe I got into the VIP area but the security let me in. I went near Zayn’s table to get a picture with him and I got it and nothing else happened.

‘We were all dancing and he seemed really nice and said ‘no problem,’ when I asked for a picture but we didn’t really talk that much after that. It’s funny as I hate being touched, but Zayn put his arm around and asked me, ‘Are you ok?’ And that was it!

‘Zayn’s not my type and I don’t fancy him. He’s too young for me! It was all blown out of proportion!’

So, nothing to worry about then Perrie? Apart from being engaged to a man with green hair and standing in what appears to be a haunted broom cupboard, complete with skeleton…

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