Her latest feline friend has somewhat divided followers…


There’s no denying that Katie Price has a bit of an obsession with animals – if she’s not dressing up as a pink horse to show off her equestrian clothing range, she’s sharing videos of her feeding some pretty adorable (if not slightly weird) skinny-pigs.

But despite the 38-year-old making no secret of the fact she can NEVER have too many pets, the latest addition to her growing animal collection has somewhat divided fans.

[GIF] Katie Price Room 101

The former glamour model took to Intagram on Wednesday (14 December) to show off a little Sphynx kitten curled up on her lap , captioning it: ‘Loving my new baby,’ and the little guy recieved more than 7,000 likes in a few hours.


Loving my new baby ❤️️❤️️

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But a few people weren’t so taken with the hairless creature and left some pretty nasty messages.

One Insta user asked: ‘Why is your cat inside out’, and a second wrote: ‘No offence but that is the most ugliest thing iv ever laid eyes on!!! (Sorry!) xx’, whilst another simply called the kitty, ‘Disgusting’.

Poor cat!

One imaginative follower even wrote: ‘It looks like Voldemort when the last bit of him is dying’. Yikes…


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Despite the less than glowing review from some people, that didn’t deter the mum-of-five from posting another snap of the kitten, simply captioned ‘Cuddles’.


And luckily Pricey’s army of fans were quick to praise her feline friend, with one posting: ‘Ah come on guys it’s so cute x’ and another adding: ‘Aww adorable!’

At least there are SOME animal-lovers left out there, ey!

Whatever the reaction, we think this little guy is seriously cute…