Her mum tells Now the truth about her daughter's hostage ordeal

After becoming estranged from her daughter last year, Kerry Katona’s mum Sue, 47, tells how the singer’s horrific experience of being robbed at knifepoint got them talking again.

‘A friend of mine on local radio told me [about the robbery] and I fell to pieces. Then I saw it on Sky News and said to myself: “If she had a knife pulled, she’d have been scared to death.”

‘I was desperate to get in contact with Kerry and called my brother to see if he’d heard from her. My phone rang a few minutes later and it was my baby.

‘When she said: “Hiya, Mum,” I broke down. She was crying and told me: “It was awful, Mum. All I wanted was you.”‘

For Sue’s views on accusations that Mark was behind the robbery, Kerry’s marriage to Mark, and her own troubled relationship with Kerry, see this week’s issue of Now, dated 13 August 2007.