Comedian says he’s ‘tempting her into my web’

Russell Brand has revealed that Dita Von Teese gave him her number when they met at a pre-Oscars bash over the weekend.

‘I saw Dita von Teese at the Chateau Marmont Hotel,’ he says. ‘I was saying some brilliantly funny things, slowly tempting her into my web.’

‘It was going well and she said: “Would you like my number? Call me any time you are bored.”’

Burlesque dancer Dita, 35, has been single since splitting with her rocker husband Marilyn Manson 14 months ago.

‘Later I texted her: “Oddly, now I feel perpetually bored. Everything seems pale having met you,”’ the 32-year-old comedian tells The Sun. ‘She replied: “You have a way with words.” So it’s all going well.’

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