Rapper says we should support Babyshambles star get clean

Dizzee Rascal has defended Pete Doherty – labelling him ‘a genius’.

The hip-hop star, 22 – who is currently supporting Babyshambles on their UK tour – believes the media should concentrate on Pete’s musical talents and not his battle with heroin.

‘Pete has a good heart,’ Dizzee explains. ‘I support him all the way. You can see it in his eyes that he’s a good person and I respect the effect his music has had on a generation.

‘Everyone is aware he is a major talent, even a genius.’

And Dizzee reckons we should support Pete, 28, as he tries to kick drugs.

‘Drugs are f****d,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘I’ve seen how they can take a grip of people. We need to be supportive of Pete and people in his situation. This industry is rife with drugs.

‘The way I handle the temptation is everything in moderation. I don’t inject and I don’t sniff.’