A just-serfaced video shows 15-year-old Justin Bieber (remember how CUTE he was??) singing a version of his recent hit - a whole YEAR before he even got together with now-ex Selena Gomez

It’s hard to believe (or beliebe, even), but once upon a time Justin Bieber was just a kid with a mop of shiny hair and a bleedin’ good voice.

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Nowadays, The Bieb is just as likely to attract headlines for his getting a bit teary-eyed at the VMAs or his whipping his kit off for Calvin Klein as he is his music, but the latest #throwback video to surface online reminds us just what a talented guy he is.

Recorded for US radio show The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, the video shows 15-year-old Justin singing a beautiful version of Where Are You Now, and shows off his piano playing skills too.

Wearing an oversized baseball cap and a big pair of headphones as he stands at the piano, Justin is seen singing his little heart out, with a good dose of Mariah Carey-style voice warbling thrown in for good measure.

The song was was believed to be have been written about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, but the very existence of this video – recorded a good year or so before the couple even got together – seems to put those rumours to rest.

That said, Justin did include some none-too-subtle messages to his ex-girlfriend in the video, including a speech bubble with the words ‘I miss you Selena’ – so maybe the song has taken on a special meaning since their split?

Either way, the video also shows just how long the song took to get a proper airing – Justin recently releasing a funked up version along with music producers Skrillex and Diplo under the title Where Are Ü Now earlier this year, six years after this recording was made.

Still, it went on to become one of the summer’s biggest hits, so we guess it was worth the wait.

Check out Justin singing the song and being all adorable in the video below – then compare it to the updated version underneath and decide which Bieb – Old Bieb or Young Bieb – you prefer!

Stephanie Wood