The Twitter account appeared to get TV presenter Jameela Jamil and pop star turned Loose Women panelist Jamelia confused

Jameela Jamil has received a string of messages on Twitter today in honour of her 30th birthday.

But, in between all the cake emojis and multiple exclamation marks, there was one message that caught the birthday girl’s eye for all the wrong reasons.

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The people behind @magazineDARE,  the account for Superdrug’s in-store magazine, were amongst the well-wishers bidding the TV presenter and columnist a very happy birthday, posting ‘Happy birthday @jameelajamil.’

But somehow they ended up posting a picture of JAMELIA – yes, her of Superstar fame – along with their message.

Jameela promptly took a screenshot of the error, sharing it with her followers and bemusedly captioning it: ‘Well. They smashed it didn’t they…?’


Jameela’s followers quickly shared their disbelief at the major identity error, with one replying: ‘WAIT THAT’S JAMELIA ahahhahahaha.’

Another wrote: ‘Unbelievable!’

A third posted: ‘At least it’s still a really pretty lady, not… I dunno Cast Away Tom Hanks?’

The tweet in question was still live more than three hours after Jameela pointed out the error, and was finally deleted around 4pm – in which time Twitter users took the opportunity to share some pretty funny GIFs, memes and general LOLs.


It’s not as though Jameela is a stranger to the beauty magazine, either – alongside Gok Wan, she played host at the Be Real Body Confidence Awards, launched by Dove and sponsored by none other than the high street store. Whoops.

Hey – we’ve ALL posted things on social media that we really wish we’d taken a second longer to think about, haven’t we? These things happen…