Country legend also sticks up for Jessica Simpson

Dolly Parton has backed Heidi Montag‘s decision to have a body makeover.

The Hills star, 23, had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day in November.

‘I would have probably done it when I was that age if I could have afforded it and thought I needed it,’ says Dolly.

The country legend has also stuck up for Jessica
, 29, over jibes about her weight.

‘It hurts me,’ Dolly, 64, tells Access Hollywood. ‘In fact, I have defended Jessica so many times ‘cause I get so mad.

‘I think, “You don’t even know her!”… and who has such a right to be so cruel and so mean?

‘They just seem to want to hurt her for whatever their reasons are.

‘I’ve had been made fun of enough in my lifetime especially when I was a child…

‘It hurts and I know it hurts anybody.’

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