US press speculate the Duchess of Cambridge is having two babies this time

Is the Duchess of Cambridge expecting twins?

US tabloids have been reporting that Kate Middleton is pregnant with two babies even before she announced Prince George was to get a younger sibling.

And our friends across the pond are still adamant Prince William‘s wife will be gifting the country with double the fun when she gives birth next year.

US sources are also speculating that Kate, 32, might be having girls!

The brunette beauty had no choice but to share the news she was pregnant to the world before she had completed her first trimester because of falling ill with severe morning sickness.

Due to the condition, named hyperemesis gravidarum, the royal had to cancel her trip to Malta and her husband, also 32, filled in for the engagement.

While most women would not be able to find out the number or gender they are expecting until about 10-13 weeks gone, it’s thought Kate’s good connections may have allowed her that privilege at this stage.

Bookmakers Paddy Power say the odds Kate is expecting two children are 33/1 while triplets stand at 150/1, and according to the NHS, she would have a one in 350 chance of having an identical duo.

It’s not clear exactly how early on in her pregnancy she is but it seems she and the Duke of Cambridge are already thinking about names.

Insiders added that the Queen would like one of the girls to be named Elizabeth after her and Margaret after her sister.

We wonder what 14-month-old George thinks. William recently joked that the little one is very demanding right now.

He told someone who hoped to catch a glimpse of the youngster in Malta that George had other ideas when it came to traveling with his dad.

‘He’s busy,’ he laughed. ‘They’re very hectic at that age. You can come and do some babysitting for me.’

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