We’ve been missing the Made in Chelsea crew ...so we called the boys in to get down and diiirty!

They might be used to living the high life on Made In Chelsea, but as we stripped Stevie Johnson, Sam Thomson and Josh Patterson and newbies James Dunmore and Elliot Cross from their lavish lifestyles and chucked them into our all American themed shoot, the lads got down and dirty like they never have before.

Swapping their usual posh designer wardrobes for checked shirts and ALOT of denim, the lads looked hotter than ever as they revealed some rather surprising sexy secrets during our exclusive photoshoot and interview. 

Not just that, but we also challenged them to a game of ‘Have you ever’ …which we’re still blushing at a bit. Um, threesome anyone? 

Watch the video above, check out a sneaky preview of some of the bombshells the MIC boys dropped during our chat below.

Stevie, what’s the messiest night out you’ve ever had?
S: My friends made me drink a dirty pint, where they fill a pint glass with different spirits and whatever else they want. I threw up into an ice bucket. Then a stripper turned up!

Did you sleep around at Uni?
S: My friends said I wasn’t successful with girls, but I was. They called me ‘the cuddler’ because apparently I’d always bring girls home and just cuddle them. That’s what they thought!

James, you’re a Chelsea newbie, have you hooked up with any of your co-stars yet?
J: No comment! I’m single and Chelsea has the best looking girls. I like girly, glamorous girls as opposed to and edgy girl

Oooooh! Intriguing…

So Josh are you going to propose to Stephanie?
J: Not soon! I definitely want to get married one day, though.

Have you ever been dumped?
J: Never. I always break up with them. They hate me at first, then months down the line we’re friends. They usually want to get back with me.

Right, Elliot, welcome to MIC! Are you enjoying it?
E: I feel ok about it all. But I might regret everything when it airs!

Are you single?
E: Yes, I fancy all the girls on the show- they’re all attractive.

Sam, what about you? Are you a fun guy to party with?
S: I’m outrageous when I get drunk. I’m the guy who doesn’t want the party to stop. I’ve blown a grand on a night out once. I used to be that knob who’d pour drinks on my head too. I don’t know why!

Ever had a threesome?
S: Yeah, I’ve had loads. Not with Spenny (Spencer Matthews) with other mates.

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Matt Groom and Lauren Franklin