Aston fancies a fast motor

JLS star Aston Merrygold hasn’t been on the Tube for about three years.

‘I did try once when me and my friends were going into town,’ he tells us.

‘I said: “Let’s get the Tube.”

‘They asked me if I was mad and I was like: “Noooo, it’ll be fine.”

‘There were girls EVERYWHERE!

‘We didn’t even make it to the Tube.

‘We had to go straight out of the station and jump in a taxi!

Aston, 23, usually gets around London in his  Audi R8.

‘I always wanted the new shape Audi TT, which I got with our first pay packet, but I saw this Audi and wanted it,’ he says.

‘After this car I’d like to get an Aston Martin.’

Read the full interview with Aston Merrygold and JLS in Teen Now magazine dated August/September – out now!

Teen Now Aug/Sept 2011

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