Poor David. There's more drama going on OUTSIDE the Celebrity Big Brother house between his fiancee Kelly Brook and his ex Chanelle Hayes

As if there wasn’t enough drama going on inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, it’s now all kicking off on the OUTSIDE, too.

David McIntosh, who has just been evicted from the CBB house, walked into one of the biggest Twitter spats EVER between his fiancée Kelly Brook and Chanelle Hayes, who had a short three-week fling with him six years ago.

‘He’s not a gentleman at all,’ Chanelle told The Sun yesterday. ‘He is so in love with himself. All he spoke about was how great he was and his body was.’

Chanelle also claimed the former Gladiator was so tight with his money that he wouldn’t turn the heating up when she visited his freezing home and even refused to pay bills when they went out for meals together – including on their first date to Pizza Hut.

‘[Kelly] could have her pick of anyone but she’s settling for a fame-hungry scrounger,’ Chanelle said.

At the time David wasn’t available to stick up for himself, being locked in the Celebrity Big Brother house and all, but his gorge girlfriend was quick to defend his honour.

Yep, Kelly took to Twitter to air her fury at ex Big Brother star Chanelle’s attack on her man.

In response to Chanelle’s story, Kelly Tweeted:

‘Hang on… she slept with him even after he refused to buy her a pizza? #shame. I waited for diamonds.’


But it was not left there, oh no!

The tweet started a massive social media row between the ladies, as Chanelle responded with:
‘haha babe I definitely did NOTTTT sleep with him diamonds or no diamonds. Good luck with the prenup xxx’

Continuing the rant, Chanelle added, ‘plus, you’ll regret the diamonds when common sense kicks in hun. #delusional #goodluckanyway #allthebest x.’

Hmmm, for an argument there were a lot of well wishes being thrown around here. Passive aggressive, much?

Then, just as we thought the argument was over, after Kelly Brook stopped responding, David’s fiancée continued the row on a fresh feed, in response to an article about the previous argument.

‘She’s just trying to make money. Good luck to her. All the best #NoJudgement,’ Kelly said.

Whether Kelly’s message was a sincere attempt to put an end to the argument or an attempt at a classy comeback, we’re not entirely sure.

But Chanelle certainly did not take it well:
‘Yes MAKING it, not just marrying someone & TAKING it. No judgement right back. It’s a shame – thought you were smart.’

She added: ‘wow babe calm down, there’s plenty more he’s tried it with. It was 6 year ago if you’re threatened enough to get your knickers in such an almighty twist about 2 or 3 shit dates you need to do a bit more digging, you’d be gutted.’

Kelly ended by tweeting: ‘OK Sloppy Guiseppe Nice talking to you x’

Chanelle quickly replied: ‘Just because your bf is a douche does NOTTT mean you had to pick a fight with me. Maybe don’t date a douche in future’

Chanelle and Kelly both have a history of Twitter feuds.

Chanelle has vented her anger at on-off boyfriend Jack Tweed over the years, telling him off for letting her down.

Meanwhile, Kelly had a famous spat with Katie Price after they both dated Danny Cipriani.

Oh David McIntosh, we bet you wish you were still in the Celebrity Big Brother house now, don’t you?

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