X Factor host Caroline Flack hasn’t seen it since lending it to her niece - ooops!

Holding up the glitterball as the winner of last year’s Strictly Come Dancing, Caroline Flack couldn’t have looked more proud even if she tried.

But unfortunately for the 35-year old X Factor presenter, the only thing she has to remind herself of ‘the best experience of my whole life’ are memories – as she revealed that she’s lost her glitterball trophy.

Speaking to Radio Times Caroline admitted: ‘I actually gave it to my niece to take into school for a show and tell, and she never gave it back. It’s probably still in her bedroom.’

But this is not the first time Caroline, who is currently the presenter of Love Island, has lost the coveted trophy.

She added: ‘I went with my friends to a random house party in west London after the Strictly final – we stayed until 7am and got so drunk I left my glitterball there.

‘The next day, I had to go and knock on this man’s door and say, “Hi – I think I left my glitterball in your house.”’

Caroline danced her way to first place, leaving fellow contestants Mark Wright, Simon Webbe and Frankie Bridge far behind.

At the time Caroline said: ‘I still can’t believe it’s happening. It doesn’t feel real in any way.’

And her professional dance partner Pasha Kovalev said: ‘I think we became real friends and I hope we will stay real friends. I could not imagine a better partner.’

Now, the next thing for Caroline to focus on is presenting the main X Factor show with pal Olly Murs. But she still can’t forget the moment she found out she was being replaced as the host of Xtra Factor.

She told Radio Times: ‘The producers took me for lunch one day, and told me they were screen-testing other people for my job, that they were changing the whole thing. They were really nice about it, but I knew I had to leave. Yes, I felt really upset, but every career has ups and downs. You have to have a thick skin. And sometimes if you want to have a little cry, you do it on your own, and you get rid of it.’

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Lucretia Munro