The celebs have been watching and they’ve got seriously strong views

Millions of Americans were glued to the television last night as presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in their first TV debate ahead of the vote in November.

The 90-minute event held in New York got the whole of Twitter talking and this included many celeb viewers who were keen to share their reactions on social media.


Before it had even started several stars made it clear who’d they be supporting, with Girls star Lena Dunham going as far as to get kitted out in a slogan T-shirt encouraging Americans to vote and a Hillary face mask.

Meanwhile Chrissy Teigen set out how she was going to play a presidential debate drinking game ahead of the event…

LOLs. As soon as the event was underway the Tweets came in thick and fast from celeb viewers who reacted to a variety of issues it brought up.

Republican candidate Donald, 70, and Democrat Hillary, 68, debated issues including the economy, taxes and temperament and these topics certainly got people talking.

Often it was the candidates’ mannerisms that attracted attention though. Many stars couldn’t help but poke fun at Donald for sniffling during the debate due to an apparent cold.

Some celebs were keen for Donald to have his facts checked and Katy Perry turned to a gif to emphasise this.

It sounds like many stars are supporting Hillary, with several praising her performance in the debate.

Kissing babies, kissing dogs. Getting out the #vote for @hillaryclinton @uofpenn #brooklynthedog

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All in all though the drama of the event left many stars in need of a nap/cold shower/holiday.

Kudos goes to Chrissy Teigen though, who pretty much won Twitter with her witty and sometimes kind of bonkers commentary.

What a night. It ain’t over yet either – another debate will take place next week followed by two further events in October.