Stressed over cracking her American dream, the star’s schedule has gone crazy


Jordan looks right at home in Hollywood but beneath the relaxed façade is a woman so determined to be as famous Stateside as she is in the UK that she’s pushing herself to new extremes.

The former glamour model, who’s relocated to LA for four months, has been warned by friends and family, including husband Peter Andre, 35, that her ‘obsession’ with succeeding over the pond is leaving her physically and mentally exhausted.

Jordan won’t slow down, which has really started to concern Pete,’ says an insider. ‘She won’t return to the UK with egg on her face.’

The mum-of-three has been filming her fly-on-the-wall TV show, keeping up her rigorous training schedule for the London Marathon in April and bought a horse to go riding in LA. The image-conscious 30-year-old star has also set the wheels in motion to take her profile to A-list status.

Jordan’s already looking into starting a film or TV career,’ says our insider. ‘She’s been pushing her agent to get her a cameo in a sitcom – like Victoria Beckham’s turn in Ugly Betty. She’d really love to appear on a primetime show like that and she’s now decided to take acting and singing lessons.

Pete says he comes last. There are the three kids, her running, countless meetings with her PA, management and brother Dan about her empire, – and lastly there’s Pete. He misses them sharing quality time together – she’s always physically and mentally shattered.’

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