The former 
TV star is continuing to raise eyebrows over her intentions

The comparisons between Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Princess Diana 
are endless.

From their humanitarian work to 
their matching outfits, there’s 
no denying their lives have many parallels.

But could actress Meghan’s seeming desire to transform 
the monarchy – like Diana so famously did through her interaction with the public – simply be her biggest role yet?

Sibling wars

It’s no secret Diana and the Queen didn’t always see eye to eye, and 
it’s been widely reported that Meghan’s behaviour has ruffled 
a few feathers since she joined The Firm.

But it’s not just Her Majesty – Meghan is said to have driven a wedge between husband Harry and his brother William.

According to insiders, Harry, 34, was reportedly ‘upset’ that his sibling ‘wasn’t rolling out the red carpet’ for Meghan after their engagement.

And last year, the newlyweds revealed they’d be moving away from Kensington Palace.

It’s been reported that renovations on Frogmore Cottage could cost taxpayers up to £3 million, with Meghan’s plans including a spa and a yoga studio.


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Losing staff

Like Diana, Meghan, 37, has struggled with getting to grips with royal protocol, such as posing for selfies with fans, which is typically frowned upon.

But unlike the late princess – whose former staff vouch for her till this day – Meghan could be rubbing staff up the wrong way.

Just this month, the couple’s chief protection officer resigned after six months, with it reported she found it challenging to ‘accommodate’ Meghan’s ‘wish to 
be seen as “one of 
the people”.’

The Duke and Duchess have lost other key staff members, too.

Six months after their wedding, Meghan’s PA quit and Harry’s right-hand man, Edward Lane Fox, also walked.

He was replaced by Samantha Cohen, a trusted royal aide. However, she’s also set to leave after the arrival of the baby.

on an act?

The author of Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, Tom Bower feels Meghan is excelling in this new ‘role’.

In a recent interview, the writer claimed Meghan is simply ‘trying to be Diana, trying to adopt the new role’.

Addressing stories that accused Meghan of making Kate cry and emailing staff at 5am, he said: ‘I don’t think anyone is out to get her. She’s a victim of her own ambition.

‘The problem is there’s never been someone in the Palace who can step forward and say look Meghan, this is how you may have done it in Hollywood, but here in London we do it this way.’


Meghan Markle facts

Tom isn’t the only one who 
has pointed out Meghan’s ‘demanding’ behaviour, with Daily Mail Editor- 
at-Large Richard Kay advising her to ‘steer more towards being Duchess Different than Duchess Difficult.’

With the news she’s commissioned the baby’s nursery to be decorated in vegan paint, she may well be taking his advice.

Demands on Harry

Harry has constantly been very protective of his wife and her happiness has always been key for him.

But Meghan’s reputation 
for being ‘difficult’ has resulted in public scrutiny.

This is said to be upsetting Harry and is something he can do little to protect her from.

He wants to see her happy but this is something he is struggling with. As one story goes away, yet another one emerges.

With the news that she’s commissioned the nursery to be decorated in vegan paint, it seems she may be taking his advice…