Love's the last thing on her mind since Jamie Lomas broke her heart


Heartbroken Kym Marsh has been battling on since her split with Jamie Lomas, often trying to force a smile for waiting paparazzi on the set of Coronation Street.

But underneath it’s a different story: she’s trying to reconcile herself with the fact that her latest relationship has failed.

Kym‘s marriage to Jack Ryder fell apart in 
March 2008 and she also parted from Dave Cunliffe, dad to her children Emily, 11, and David, 14.  

She confided to friends last week: ‘I wanted marriage, babies, the works. I never thought this would happen in a million years. In the end it was like living with a stranger and then he suddenly wanted out. I’m destroyed by it.’

The 33-year-old is hurting badly and has vowed to stay clear of men after enduring a torrid few months with Jamie, 29, before he finally finished things two weeks ago.

Our source adds: ‘When she spoke about wedding bells last year, Kym really meant it – this relationship was for keeps.

‘It’s true that the relationship failed after the couple’s baby son Archie died last February but it was a horrible way to end.

‘His mood swings had become unbearable. They weren’t getting on, but she still loved him, so she stuck by him. But it was Jamie who split them up.’

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Chris White New Editor