The Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne hinted at a wedding with girlfriend Nigora Whitehorn, after splitting up from former Miss England ex

Our girl Bridget Jones had it sussed from the start – love lives are messy enough as it is, but they don’t seem to get as messy as Duncan Bannatynes’. The multi-millionaire appeared on This Morning today with his new girlfriend, Nigora Whitehorn and after just dating for three weeks, he’s hinted that things are pretty serious.

Gushing at her new man, dental treatment coordinator Nigora said that Duncan is one of the most generous men she’s ever met in her life. Suprising really as he’s a multi-millionaire…

The pair met when the Dragon’s Den star visited a Harley Street dental practice where Nigora works. Sounds like the beginning of some niche rom-com!

This all happened while Duncan with with his ex Michelle Evans though, and while she was on holiday, pictures of Duncan and Nigora having dinner together came out. And Michelle unsurprisingly was not a happy bunny.

‘What happened is one of the papers printed a picture of Nigora and I together having dinner, and we weren’t in a relationship, just as friends and Michelle just went mad and that was it and that ended.’

Michelle, a former Miss Great Britain, tried calling Duncan when she first saw the photos, but after not getting through, she texted him saying: ‘You look good in the pictures online.’ Ouch.

She then called things off by tweeting the infamous Dragon’s Den phrase: ‘I’m out.’ Oooh.

While on This Morning, Duncan addressed THOSE revenge porn accusations that have been surrounding his break-up with the former Miss England.

Michelle claimed to the Sunday Mirror that Duncan had threatened to share an intimate pic of her when she asked him to help with a childcare bill of £1,200 after they split.

After being asked by Phillip Schofield, Duncan confessed that he got caught up in the moment and didn’t mean what he said.

‘Yeah, obviously that was a mistake but she was threatening to tell the story. It doesn’t say I’m going to send the pictures, I never intended to send the pictures.’

All the hubbub doesn’t seemed to have fazed new love Nigora though, as she said she was ‘very much in love’ before her 66-year-old boyfriend interrupted and said: ‘get your hats ready!’

What can we say? We do love a wedding!

Amy Lo