Duncan Bannatyne has spoken about an incident that took place while he was on holiday in Barbados.

duncan bannatyne saves drowning boy holiday

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The Dragon’s Den judge was holidaying in Barbados with his wife Nigora over the Christmas period, when the pair noticed two boys drowning in the sea.

“We didn’t actually save anyone’s life,” he told OK! Magazine. “A couple of young boys got into trouble in the water and we could see there was an issue.

“As I have first aid training, I ran along to see if I could help,” explained Duncan. “But the situation was already under control when we got there, so there were no heroics on my part.”

Speaking about the incident at the time, the TV Dragon revealed that while the drama unfolded just 20 yards away from him and wife Nigora, by the time they got there to lend a hand an off-duty life guard had already come to the rescue.

duncan bannatyne saves drowning boy holiday

Duncan and wife Nigora enjoyed a swim in the same beach area the day after the scary incident (Credit: Getty)

“We saw the incident unfolding from about 20 yards away and as I’m trained in first aid we ran along the beach to offer assistance,” Duncan told MailOnline at the time, “but when we got there it was mostly under control.

“The young white man carrying the boy was apparently an off duty life guard and he probably saved the boy’s life,” continued the entrepreneur. “The older boy had been put in the recovery position by other tourists, one was a nurse. I saw both boys were breathing and given oxygen.

‘”An ambulance was called so we could not do much more. They were brothers. The mother almost drowned trying to help them.”

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Life guard Will Farrer also spoke about the incident at the time, explaining, “I heard some cries for help and at first I thought it was just some kids playing around, and then it got a bit more serious, and I saw a lady dragging one young lad out the water and he was saying ”help my brother” and there was just a dark patch under the water.

‘’So I went out and it was his little brother. I pulled him out and he was unconscious, and he was vomiting and convulsing, and we got him up on to the beach and I just started CPR. I got through about three rounds of CPR and he regained consciousness, and started chucking up a load of water, and started breathing again”.

Well done to all involved in offering help during the harrowing incident!