Chicago star only has eyes for his daughter

Ex-Blue singer Duncan James admits he was once a bit of a playboy, but now the most important girl in his life is daughter Tianie-Finn.

‘I admit we took advantage of the attention we got in Blue,’ says the 29-year-old. ‘I was labelled as someone who slept around and I played on it at first, but it got out of control.

‘There was a lot of partying and crazy antics. It was fun but it’s nice to be here now.’

Duncan’s daughter Tianie-Finn was born in 2005 to ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger and now the little girl is the focus of his attention.

‘She is the only female in my life, I have no time for women!’ he tells the Daily Mirror. ‘Hopefully though, I’ll be ready to settle down in the next few years.’