Never one to mince his words, Eamonn Holmes often outrages This Morning viewers by making crude comments about his wife Ruth Langsford live on air.

Nothing seems to be off limits for the presenter, 59, who will insult everything from Ruth’s weight to her face and has even joked about their sex life, confessing, ‘I’d take what I can get!’ The presenter most recently poked fun at his wife’s figure again, this time branding her ‘very fat’. Ouch! Honestly, we’ll never know how Ruth puts up with him…

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Eamonn once joked about his wife Ruth’s face during a segment on This Morning, ‘Fillers, chin implants, facelifts, nose jobs… but enough about Ruth!’ And during a piece about wrinkles with Dr Chris Steele, Eamonn turned to Ruth, 58, and exclaimed, ‘You’ve got a few of those,’ with Ruth replying, ‘Yes, that’s why I’ve got a fringe.’ But his comments

don’t stop at Ruth’s face. Eamonn once told chef Donal Skehan, ‘I call [Ruth] my little chicken dumpling. My little turkey neck.’ And when he was shown a photo of a veiny arm during an episode of Celebrity Juice, he shouted, ‘That’s my wife’s neck!’ Eamonn doesn’t hold back on her clothes, either. He once told Ruth that the dress she was wearing looked like ‘a bag of jelly babies’. Harsh!


They don’t often disclose details about their love life on television, but a topic about ‘scheduled sex’ on This Morning led Eamonn to suggest that Ruth is far from up for it. ‘I’d take whatever I can get, he said. ‘I’m just thankful, I’d take whenever.’ While discussing how he and Ruth frequently bicker, Eamonn also revealed a little too much information on how they patch things up, declaring, ‘Can I just say Ruth loves making up. I love Ruth deeply but also I fancy her. How could I resist?’ He also once joked that Ruth has a sex addiction, saying on This Morning, ‘Now we are going to meet a woman who has a sex addiction… and no it’s not my wife.’


Eamonn has publicly shamed Ruth’s figure many times. He recently claimed that her bum had ‘inflated’, declaring on This Morning, ‘I’m full of admiration, but you have inflated, there’s no doubt about it.’ He added, ‘I’m going to stick a pin in it and watch it go whoosh!’ Feisty Ruth quipped back, ‘You should hear what the girls in the gallery are saying in my ear.’ (We can imagine!) Ironically, Eamonn was recently warned by a weight-loss expert on Good Morning Britain that he’s at risk of a heart attack if he doesn’t shed the pounds himself, but poor Ruth also got the blame for his increasing waistline. Eamonn insisted, ‘She’s a feeder – she’s trying to fatten me up so nobody else wants me!’


When Ruth competed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017, Eamonn made yet another jibe about her weight. He said, ‘She’s going to be the only dancer in history who’s going to require two males to swing her up.’ Ruth admitted earlier this year that she’d love to do the show again, but Eamonn was quick to retort, ‘What the heck do you want to do that for? It was nearly the end of our marriage!’ After his comments about Strictly affecting their relationship, Eamonn recently confessed that Ruth’s Strictly stint ‘still strikes fear in my heart too. If only they knew you gave everything you could, and you just couldn’t help it.’ Charming!