Harry Reid has been left shocked by homophobic comments about his latest EastEnders scenes


EastEnders actor Harry Reid has spoken out after his gay kiss on the soap received a negative response from some viewers.

Harry’s character Ben Mitchell was seen sharing a passionate snog with newcomer Paul Coker, played by Jonny Labey, earlier this week but the scenes sparked a shocking homophobic backlash on social media.

Some of the comments suggested that there should have been a warning before the kiss was screened whilst others branded it ‘disgusting’ and ‘vile’.

An upset Harry, 22, responded to the remarks by sharing a picture of gangster Ronnie Kray – who was rumoured to be gay – on his Instagram page along with a thoughtful message.

‘It’s upsetting to read the negative tweets about the gay kiss in last night’s episode of @bbceastenders,’ Harry posted.

‘I only want to ask one question. Would you of called Ronnie Kray disgusting? #whatwouldronniesay

‘Note: I’m not biting, it just needed pointing out;)’

Lots of fans showed their support for Harry and for the storyline, with one replying to his post: ‘Don’t let a few homophobic trolls ruin what should be a triumph. Ignore them. ❤️’

Another wrote: ‘so ignorant sad to see but just ignore. Great scenes, keep doing what you’re doing x’

Harry has also received support from his castmates. Co-star Jonny reTweeted his message whilst Adam Woodyatt – better known as Ian Beale – sent a supportive Tweet.

‘Don’t bite little bro, they’re not worth it,’ Adam told Harry.

Ben previously came out in the soap back in 2011 but since his return last year – following time in prison for the murder of Heather Trott – he has gone back into the closet again. Harry took over the role last September.

Newcomer Paul seemed instantly attracted to Ben and their instant chemistry led to them sharing a kiss at Blades…

But with Ben dating Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald), this new romance could run into some problems!

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