Danny Dyer talks wedding guests, being proposed to and being with one woman for the rest of his life

Our fave cockney geezer is set to walk down the aisle, and much to our surprise, Danny Dyer has been showing us that he’s just a big softie underneath, as he talks about the big day with fiancée Joanne Mas.

‘Jo’s the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life, there’s no two ways about that.’

Oh, there goes our heart- it’s now melted into a puddle onto the floor, so, watch your step.

Although things in the 37-year-old actor’s life has been a bit hectic of late, what with being on EastEnders and having their son, Arty, it seems that their big day will be quite a showbiz affair. We’ll just be by our front door, waiting for our invite…

‘It’ll be a bit showbiz with a few of my celebrity friends there includigng the Carters, Adam Woodyatt, Letitia Dean, Jessie Wallace plus Ray Winstone and John Simm, and a very East London affair.’

‘We just had Art and now we’ve got to move. Once we get settled into the new house, we’ll have Christmas and then we’ll think about our wedding, but maybe next August,’ he told OK! magazine.

It’ll still be a little while then before Danny and Joanne get hitched, but the couple have never been ones to rush things, as they’ve been together for 20 whole years, before Jo herself took it upon her to propose. And their daughter 18-year-old Dani, couldn’t have been happier about it.

‘I’m so proud of Mum for proposing to Dad. He’s always wanted to marry her and I’m so glad that it’s finally happening. She’s a very strong woman who knows what she wants.’

We love a woman who takes control!

But that doesn’t mean if she didn’t, Danny wouldn’t have asked her to marry him anyways: ‘I was going to [propose] but then I started Eastenders and the bad press started coming out and it put a strain on our relationship. We’ve had to fight through that.’

Despite their relationship having spanned over two decades, the couple did split up after having their first child, Dani, when they were both just 18 and 19-years-old.

Talking about his mum-of-three partner, he said: ‘She stopped drinking because of the baby, so her life changed, by mine didn’t I was still a kid myself. She handled it really well, but I didn’t.’

See, everything happens for a reason. And it shows, as daughter Dani shares that the couple seem to be as loved as the couple of teenagers as they were back then!

‘They really love each other. They still have that chemistry. I’ll walk into the kitchen at home and they’re kissing. They’re so old, it’s gross!’

Aw! We love seeing this loved-up side of Danny! But we’ll skip on the kitchen PDA…

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Amy Lo