Who killed Lucy Beale? EastEnders actor Jake Wood has his fingers crossed it’s not him

Despite being one of the prime suspects, EastEnders actor Jake Wood is really hoping that his character Max Branning isn’t Lucy Beale’s murderer.

It’s the question on everybody’s lips, ‘who killed Lucy Beale?’ and the country is currently on tender hooks waiting for Thursday night’s explosive live episode, which will reveal everything.

But it’s not just us normal folk who are left guessing though as the cast don’t even know themselves!

When asked about Lucy’s killer, Jake revealed:

‘I honestly haven’t got a clue. It would be interesting if it was Max. But if it is, potentially I’d be out of a job.’

He added: ‘Everyone’s talking about it. It’s all I’ve been getting for the past year. People have to believe me when I say I don’t know, because I genuinely don’t.’

The cast of EastEnders will only be told who killed Lucy when they turn up to work on Thursday, ready to rehearse that evening’s 30th anniversary episode.

As Max was previously having an affair with Lucy, it’s certainly got tongue waggings that he could be the murderer. Eeesh.

Speaking to The Sun, Jake admitted that he’s ‘desperate to find out’ who killed Lucy.
‘I have been asking anyone I can but everyone is keeping schtum. I had a few theories but now I’m just confused,’ said Jake.

Theories? What theories?

‘I thought it was Abi Branning, then Max, then I was convinced it was Ian Beale. That’s the beauty. Everyone’s got a motive,’ said Jake, adding:

‘Personally I don’t think Max would be capable, but you don’t know what could have driven him to it. Max is capable of a lot of things – lying, cheating – but not murder.’

Oooh, could this theory potentially rule Jake out as being Lucy’s killer?

Tomorrow night’s episode is going to be seriously gripping and after a whole year of ‘who did it?’, we will finally find out who bumped-off Lucy.

One thing’s for sure. Our sofa seats are securely reserved.

Tune in to EastEnders tomorrow night at 7.30pm and 9.30pm on BBC1.

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