The EastEnders star says she's never chatted up by nice guys

Pretty Lacey Turner admits she’s far from being a man magnet.

‘I think a lot of men find me intimidating and unapproachable. Either that of they think I’m ugly!’ she says. ‘I never really get chatted up.’

The EastEnders actress says being a soap star means she ends up surrounded by tipsy gawkers rather than genuine nice guys.

‘In the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, you know what they’re there for,’ she tells Celebs On Sunday. ‘I analyse everything they say and do – it’s hard to trust people. They’ll say, “How much do you earn?” And I just think, “Right, you can go”.

‘The ones you want to talk to you don’t come over – but you always get the drunk ones who are quite happy to burp in your ear.’

Lacey, 19, has been single for nine months and is fine with that.

‘It’s great. I don’t have to answer to anyone,’ she explains. ‘I can just do what I like.’

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Laura Czerniak