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After leaving a role that you’ve played for nearly a decade, it’s expected that an actor would want to try something completely different as their next character.

Former EastEnders actress Samantha Womack hasn’t only done just that, but she’s completely switched up her look for her new character – and her fans are absolutely loving the transformation…

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Samantha played Ronnie Mitchell on the long-running BBC soap from 2007 until January 1st 2017, when Ronnie and sister Roxie (Rita Simons) met a sad and watery death.

For the majority of her stint as the troubled businesswoman and mother, Samantha wore her hair blonde.

However, she’s now playing a character whose hair couldn’t be further from that aethetic: Morticia Addams, the Addams Family matriarch, in a new musical about the iconic, dark clan.

And on Wednesday (26th April), she took to Twitter to show off her new dark look – because what’s a Morticia without some seriously long, seriously black locks?

Pouting to the camera, Sam, 44, rocks a dark wig and is giving some serious attitude. ‘Mmmmmmmm Morticia feeling Sassy’ she captions the cheeky shot, topping it off with a purple devil emoji.

And her fans were delighted at the transformation to say the least; ‘Sam you look stunning!’ writes one follower, while another tells her: ‘A fabulous photo – you are perfect for the role.’

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Also responding well to the picture is Larry Lamb, who played her father, Archie Mitchell, in the soap. In response to the picture he writes: ‘Oooooh naughty daughter!’

Happily, the production has been met with mass praise, with one review calling the show ‘a side-splitting, musical marvel’.

A hot new look and a successful role in one fell swoop – what a win!