Danny Dyer says he gave Michelle Mclardie a harmless peck whilst filming in Kent

Danny Dyer has found himself at the centre of another potential controversy after he was pictured kissing a female fan.

The EastEnders star – who got engaged to Joanne Mas, his long-term partner and mother of his three children, earlier this year – is seen puckering up with blonde Michelle Mclardie in a snap posted on her Facebook page.

Michelle met the 37-year-old actor whilst he was filming scenes in Ramsgate, Kent and the two posed for the photo at a hotel party on Tuesday night.

But a spokesperson for Danny has denied that there was anything untoward about it, saying: ‘One eager fan pursued him for a picture but he did no more than treat her to an innocent peck.’

The ‘eager fan’ in question has also stressed that it was just a bit of fun.

‘We had a quick kiss for the camera, but nothing happened,’ Michelle tells the Mirror. ‘I wasn’t just with him, the whole EastEnders crew were there.’

A source adds: ‘There were loads of fans there, not just Michelle and it was all completely innocent.

‘It was just nice of Danny to speak to everyone.’

Michelle was clearly thrilled to have met Danny, who plays landlord Mick Carter in EastEnders. As well as the kissing picture she also posted a snap of them smiling for the camera with their arms around each other.

It sounds like she was very keen to meet the actor. Several friends commented on her photos and one shared a shot of Michelle appearing to grab Danny in the street.

‘Don’t remember that one lol!!!!! Omg!!! I look awful! Xxx,’ Michelle commented on the snap, to which her pal replied: ‘You didn’t care at that point Michyour aim was Danny Danny Danny you were comical had s blast with you chic xxx’

Danny got engaged to Joanne on Valentine’s day after she proposed to him following 25 years together. He stressed that he’s a changed man and won’t cheat on her again as he has done in the past.

‘I thought the grass was greener – but the grass was horrible and I don’t ever want to go there again,’ he said at the time.

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