Turns out Keira Knightley was a 'nice and fun' babysitter for Danny Dyer’s actress girl Dani

It’s hard to imagine the glamorous Oscar-nominated actress Keira Knightley working as a babysitter but back in the day she used to look after kids for a bit of money – and not just any kids either.

Danny Dyer’s actress daughter Dani has revealed that Keira, 30, used to babysit her before the Pride & Prejudice star made it big! The Hollywood beauty was paid a few pounds an hour by Danny to keep an eye on his little girl.

Now Dani is all grown up and would love to meet up with Keira for a reunion at some point.

‘Back then Keira was starting out just the same as I am now,’ says Dani, 18. ‘It was only when I got older I realised how much of a big deal it was.’

Keira recently became a mum, having welcomed her first child with husband James Righton last month, and it sounds like she’ll be a laid-back parent if her babysitting approach is anything to go by.

‘She was really nice and fun, and let me stay up past my bedtime, but we didn’t tell my parents,’ Dani tells the Mirror. ‘Sometimes she let me have sweets too.

‘I would love to see her again and see if she remembered me.’

Dani is the eldest of dad Danny’s three children. The EastEnders actor, 37, also has daughter Sunnie, 8, and son Arty, 1, with his fiancée Joanne Mas.

She might be grown up and embarking on a career as an actress like her old babysitter Keira but Dani is clearly still a daddy’s girl.

The teenager – who stars alongside Martin Kemp in new action film Age Of Kill – admits she is still punished by her parents if she takes liberties.

‘I get grounded and get my phone taken away,’ Dani reveals.

‘I wasn’t allowed home later than 11pm. So I’d say I was staying at my friend’s, and we’d pretend to be her mum on the phone, but it never worked.’

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