Fans of the show were NOT impressed with Denise's final scene on Tuesday...


We think it’s fair to say that the best part of EastEnders HAS to be the closing moment where the tension builds and we hear that epic Duff Duff creep in…

From the evil Janine pushing hopeless husband Barry off a cliff, to the infamous ‘You ain’t my muvva’ scene where we finally found out that Kat Slater was in fact Zoe‘s mum – the BBC show always leaves us on the edge of our seats.

But while these soap moments will go down in EastEnd history, Tuesday night’s Duff Duff has caused a big reaction for an entirely different reason, as viewers blasted it as ‘the worst cliffhanger ever’. Blimey!

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If you managed to catch the episode, there were typically dramatic scenes to begin with as Denise Fox was forced to sell her beloved ‘D’ necklace for just a fiver following her extreme money woes.

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But that was the least of her worries as former friend and mum of her ex-boyfriend, Carmel Kazemi dropped by to confront the struggling Albert Square resident and the pair ended up in a VERY fiery argument.

Things very heated for Denise and former pal, Carmel [BBC]

But as Carmel left the room in a rage, Denise was seen pouring a packet of pasta into an empty saucepan and despite the tense scene beforehand, fans were much more preoccupied with the rather anti-climatic cooking preparations.

Viewers were NOT impressed with the ‘dramatic’ Duff Duff moment [BBC]

Flocking to Twitter to fume about the strange ending, one follower wrote: ‘Wow that’s a cliffhanger, Denise cooking pasta. #eastenders.’

A second commented: ‘Worst duff duffer ever. An agitated Denise pours pasta into a pan and I’m robbed of another half hour of my life.’

And another follower sarcastically joked: ‘Tune in next time folks to see if Denise has cooked her pasta properly?Its a right thrill a minute on Remember your here forever.’

While some were just baffled by Denise’s lack of culinary skills…

Well, viewers might have been disappointed with the big ending, but we can’t WAIT to tune in on Thursday (mostly to find out whether Denise ever got that pasta cooked).