The show’s writers have had to act fast to explain Danny’s absence

Danny Dyer has caused a bit of a headache for the EastEnders writing team after he was unexpectedly given time off from the show due to exhaustion.

Bosses have quickly had to find a way to write his character Mick Carter out of the soap to explain the actor’s absence – and it sounds like they’ve come up with a VERY dramatic plot.


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Pub landlord Mick will reportedly be sent to prison whilst 39-year-old Danny is away, which would tie in with a recent storyline that saw him get arrested.

Other ideas have apparently been considered, including having him leave Albert Square to visit a sick relative or even go on holiday, but the jail story seems to be the most likely choice.

‘Some said the prison storyline is by far the easiest way of cutting him out of the show at such short notice,’ an insider claims.

‘Other ideas were tabled, but they wanted something to tie in with Mick’s turbulent life on the Square.

‘And it will mean Danny could stay away for as long as he needs to recuperate and get back to work at which point Mick can be released from jail.’

It was confirmed last month that Danny – who has been a firm favourite with EastEnders viewers since he joined the cast in 2013 – had been given time off from the show, with reports saying it’s so that he can ‘sort his life out’.

The dad-of-three has since jetted off to South Africa for a breather after reportedly become exhausted by the programme’s tough 16-hour filming schedule.

His unexpected absence has proved a bit chaotic for EastEnders bosses though, given that storylines are planned well in advance and so have had to be reworked.

‘His departure from the soap has been a major headache for producers,’ the source tells the Daily Star. ‘And they are desperate for his return.

‘His character is central to many key storylines that are filmed about six weeks in advance.’

Here’s hoping Danny will soon be back on our screens.