Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran revealed all the deets on their friendship…

Everyone knows Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift
are adorable besties, but we found out much more about them in a joint Radio 1

The pair – who will both perform at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday night – revealed some amazing secrets
about the time they went on tour together, and they got on so well that Taylor
might even stay at Ed‘s mum’s house when she comes to visit. How cute is that?!

Here are six amazing facts we learnt from
Ed and Taylor‘s chat…

1. Taylor was once upset Ed didn’t invite him
to a gay strip club

When Ed toured with Taylor across the US,
he took out the backing dancers for a night out to a gay strip club in Atlanta called
Swinging Richards! He even paid for the dancer – whose birthday it was – to
have a private session! Commenting on the event, Taylor said: ‘He just didn’t
invite me and then he told me the next day. I was sadsies!’

2. Ed and Taylor’s Grammy’s afterparty
involved the police!

The pair went to a party in Mark Ronson‘s
hotel room – and the police turned up to stop it! Taylor said: ‘We had to hide
in a bathroom! I grabbed Ed and was like, ‘Cops are here, come with me!’ Who
would’ve thought I’d be the one who knew how to get away from the police?’
Quite, Taylor

3. They knew they were friends the first time
they met!

Nick Grimshaw asked them both to name the
time they knew they would be friends – and both said the same time! It was
their first encounter with one another, in a music writing session in the US
city of Phoenix. How adorbs!

4. Taylor was sad when Ed couldn’t make it to
her birthday

When Taylor turned 25 in November, she had
a huge number of big names attend, including Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and
Haim. However, Ed couldn’t make it – and Taylor was not happy about it. She
said: ‘He was very [much] invited to that party. You were in Germany. It was a
big deal to me, it was something I really had to get past!’

5. Ed is a TOWIE fan!

The guitar-wielding crooner is not too busy
to enjoy his favourite reality show – The Only Way is Essex! He said: ‘Did you
watch the Tenergrief episode? It’s back on. Everything is going down.’

6. Taylor might stay at Ed’s mum’s house soon

When Taylor is in the UK for Radio 1’s Big
Weekend at the end of May, Ed has offered her the chance to stay at his parents
house. We hope she takes him up on the offer!

If all that doesn’t confirm to you Ed Sheeran
and Taylor Swift are BFFs, then nothing will!

Stephen Leng