Singer has played matchmaker for other celeb friends

Ed Sheeran wants to set up Taylor Swift with Orlando Bloom – what a hawt showbiz pairing that would be.

The singer is close friends with Taylor, 24, and thinks she and British actor Orlando, 37, would make a good couple.

‘He’s lovely, and they live in the same building,’ says Ed, 23.

‘[I’m hoping that ] the magic might present itself eventually.’

Ed’s become quite used to playing matchmaker for his celebrity mates.

While staying at Friends star Courteney Cox’s house in LA last year he introduced the actress to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid, who she’s now engaged to.

‘I go out a lot – to meet people, hang out and bring my friends to house parties,’ the redhead reveals.

‘This was one of those nights, and I brought Johnny along with me and introduced them.

‘At the end of the night I went home, and he didn’t. That was it.’

Ed Sheeran is certainly popular with his famous pals. Courteney is more than happy for the singer to set up home in a tennis house at the bottom of her garden whenever he’s in Los Angeles.

‘With Courtney, you don’t really ask,’ says Ed.

‘She’s a Southern girl, pure Alabama, so she’s very much the hostess with the mostess.

‘She’s very warm and friendly, and wants to give to everyone. She lets people stay, cooks dinner, shows an interest in what they’re doing.

‘So it’s not so much forcing yourself, or her asking you, you’re just there. Pretty much every time I go to LA now that’s where I stay.’

Another celebrity friendship Ed Sheeran has formed is with the One Direction boys and he’s particularly close to Harry Styles.

‘When I see them – I see Harry quite a lot – I don’t counsel them,’ the singer tells Event Magazine.

‘We have a drink and some fun.’

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