Professional Ed Sheeran look-a-like Ty Jones has been Thinking Out Loud


If you thought that looking scarily like one of the world’s most successful music stars would guarantee you’d have members of the opposite sex throwing themselves at you, then think again.

Ty Jones – who bears an unsettlingly close resemblance to ginger music man Ed Sheeran – reckons that looking like the Sing star has actually made his love life more difficult.

The Manchester-based doppelgänger revealed that he struggles to work out if girls are really interested in him, or whether they’re actually Real Ed superfans looking for ‘the next best thing’.

He also said that when he does find himself in a relationship, his parters can be uncomfortable with the amount of attention he gets because of his Ed-a-like status.

From the other day i was pretty scared doing this hahaha 😂

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Thinking out loud (boom-boom!), Ty confessed: ‘When Ed became really famous I had people always coming up to me and talking to me and wanting my picture – it was crazy.

‘He’s such a big artist and I’m a massive fan of his but now it’s like I can’t escape it, people go mad when they think they’re meeting Ed Sheeran.’

He continued: ‘It’s made my relationships worse, I’d say, because now I have to weigh up if they like me for me or are they just interested in me because I’m the next best thing to Ed if they really like him?

‘When girls ask me for pictures in the streets it’s annoyed some of my girlfriends in the past and caused problems.

‘It’s hard to explain because it’s not like I can help it and I don’t like being horrible to people and deny them a picture if they want one.’

Ah, bless. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to spend some time trying to work out which one is the Real Ed and which is Fake Ed in the picture above…