Actor not ready to put maintenance offer on table for Angel Iris

Eddie Murphy’s lawyers told a court on Wednesday that he’s got no interest in seeing his daughter with Mel B.

The pair’s legal wrangling over maintenance and visiting rights for Angel Iris hit a deadlock when the stars’ lawyers appeared in an LA court last week.

The judge was forced to adjourn the case for another 3 months after Eddie, 46, reportedly refused to submit an offer.

‘Mel was furious,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘She had been planning to take Angel to the courthouse to meet her dad for the first time. But when she heard Eddie would only be sending along his lawyers, she decided to do the same.

‘She expected at least some kind of an offer. Either to arrange maintenance payments for Angel, or at least to arrange seeing her. She is his own flesh and blood after all.’

Eddie dumped Mel, 32, when she was pregnant, denying that he was the father of the baby.

DNA tests proved Scary wasn’t lying.

But since then, Eddie has never tried to see daughter Angel.

Eddie’s rep was unavailable for comment.

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