The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have formed quite a bond it seems!

Katie Price‘s vow renewal to husband Kieran Hayler has been a hot topic in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with Katie inviting all of her fellow housemates and even Katie Hopkins planning to write the bride’s vows at one point.

Now, latest evictee Kavana has confirmed that he is going to be Katie‘s wedding singer.

When we asked if he would be attending, Kav said: ‘Well I’m the wedding singer…yeah it’s confirmed, we’ve discussed a fee and yeah I’m gonna be the wedding singer’.

On song choices, Kav decided: ‘Obviously I Can Make You Feel Good…and possibly a duet with the Pricey.’

Kavana‘s not the only one wanting to collaborate with Pricey though. Alexander O’Neal has also admitted, ‘I’ve never heard Katie sing a note. That would be interesting.

‘Everybody knows that Katie has had a lot of popularity and fame. I would definitely like to see what she can do in the studio.’

The American R’n’B singer confirmed that the three housemates had discussed possible projects after the show, and he was particularly excited to working with Kavana, but ‘would have to see what goes’.

We’ve seen Kavana and Alexander discussing music inside the house, but now Alexander and the Big Reunion star are both said to be looking forward to working with each other on the outside.

When we asked if he would duet with Alexander, Kav said, ‘We are working on a track together, listen, it’s Alexander O’Neal. He’s got a wonderful voice, he’s a great soul legend’.

Alexander seemed to be just as keen as Kav for a duet, saying, ‘I look forward to definitely working with Kav. I have a lot of respect and love for him. The man is talented. I don’t work with anyone who isn’t talented’.

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