The little love birds have spent a week away in Italy – too cute


Some of us (read all of us) have woken up today mourning the loss of Love Island. Does anyone have any suggestions about what we can now do between the hours of 9-10pm?! We might start watching it from the beginning again!

But remembering last year’s Love Island cast, Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland are still giving us serious #CouplesGoals and going from strength to strength and we’re so happy for them.

Alex and Olivia met on Love Island last year on series two and after a rocky beginning, the gorgeous couple managed to make things work and finished second on the series behind Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, who are expecting a baby later this year. The second little Love Island baby! Even though these two are no longer together, they’re going to make fab parents!

Alex took Olivia to New York for her birthday and Christmas at the end of 2016 and proposed! We’re not sure when the pair are due to get married but we have our wedding hat at the ready!

Now for Alex’s birthday, Olivia has whisked him away to Italy – spending 3 days in Venice and then heading to Rome for where Olivia gave Alex a gorgeous Rolex watch for his present – what a lucky boy!

We’ve Instastalked them to the beyond and still think they could be one of our fave Love Island couples of all time – do you agree?

If you don’t, just take a look at these pictures and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way too.