Kim Kardashian and Kanye's ex Amber Rose are already practically twins, after all

Reality star Kim Kardashian has showed-off her incredible new hairdo, choosing to ditch the brunette locks and opt for a bleach blonde shade.

It was a daring move for 34-year-old Kim but it’s certainly paid off as she looks beau-ti-ful!

Thing is, it’s just ANOTHER step closer to looking like her rival, Amber Rose, who once dated Kim’s hubby, Kanye West.

Yup, anyone else noticing the non-stop similarities between this pair!?

It’s getting to the point where we’re asking, will Kim actually shave off her hair to look like Amber!? Ok, so it’s a long shot and yes, we admit, it’s very unlikely but who knows.

We still took it upon ourselves to mock-up an image of Kim with shaven blonde hair…as you can see, she looks errr…gorgeous…

If Kim does decide to head to the hairdressers and opt for a number 1, she might want to consider the aftermath.

In 2012, Amber spoke about when she shaved off her hair, and admitted that it wasn’t too pretty at first.
‘After I shaved, it I cried for a few days…’ revealed Amber adding:

‘Until I realized it looked dope. Sinead O’Connor was a bald-headed bad-a*s, and I loved her.’

Amber, 31, and Kim have been non-stop copying each other.

It all kicked off in September 2013 when Amber flaunted her baby-bump in a stunning floor-length lace gown. Months later, Kim wore a practically identical frock to a New Year’s eve party.

Last year, their similarities became seriously uncontrollable when Amber really stepped up the two-peas-in-a-pod situation.

After curvy Kim posted a seriously impressive #broketheinternet belfie, Amber took to Instagram and posted her own set of bum selfies, which if we’re honest, kinda out-did Kim‘s.

Both ladies flaunted their bottoms in sexy one-pieces, giving the camera their best over-the-shoulder bedroom gaze.

Now, Kim has even dyed her hair blonde, a shade which has always adorned Amber‘s head.

As well as all this, they’re both fans of corset waist-trainers, they have THE SAME BIRTHDAY, and their bodies are incredibly alike.

Amber and Kim aren’t exactly pals so why oh why do they follow in each other’s footsteps?

After Amber and Kanye split in 2010, Ms Rose lashed out about Kim, claiming she was the reason behind their break-up.

‘She’s a homewrecker,’ said Amber who also claimed that Kim was sending Kanye sexy pictures of herself.

‘She was sending pictures, and I was like, “Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person”,’ confessed Amber.


Kim disagreed, admitting on a US chat show that her and Kanye ‘have been friends for years.’ 

Either way, our hopes are pinned on a potential hair-shave by Kim.

Bring it on!

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