Star accepts the way she looks

Ulrika Jonsson doesn’t try to disguise her skinny neck with scarves or high collars.

The blonde star’s ‘turkey wattle’ was highly visible as she pulled a face for photographers outside the Wallace Collection, where she was attending Hello! magazine’s 25th birthday party bash this week.

Ulrika’s grimace emphasised the veins in her thin neck, a feature she’s previously revealed she inherited from her gran.

‘If you have inherited a spindly, sinewy neck from your grandma as I have, little wonder it’s not your best feature,’ says Ulrika, 45.

The mum-of-four has been criticised in the past for being too skinny but she defended herself last year, claiming her slight frame is down to a back condition.

‘Let’s make no bones about it: I’m skinny. I’m thin. Far be it from me to try to convince you otherwise,’ Ulrika told The Sun.

‘And yet, I doubt I have the answers anyone wants to hear. I suffer from a chronic back condition which was the cause of the majority of my weight loss.

‘Let’s put to rest all the speculation that I have some kind of mysterious eating disorder. With the exception of my spells of depression – I eat.

‘I am slender. I am lean. It’s not deliberate nor any sign of middle-age desperation. It may just be the way that I am.’

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