Blake Lively carries a rubber nipple - but what else do celebs pack in their handbags?

Dark chocolate? Check.
Designer sunglasses? Check.
Rubber nipple? Erm… Check.

Wait? Rubber what?!

Blake Lively, we’re aware that you’re a new mum and everything and you know, we’re delighted for you and Ryan Reynolds…but maybe a teensy bit TMI for Instagram? Especially at this time of the morning when your GMT fans are chowing down on their cereal?

Rubber nipples indeed.

The contents of a celeb’s handbag until this morning have normally remained a closely guarded secret (thanks Blake). So, we’ve done some digging and here are a few more things that celebs like to stash in their totes…

Lion-haired Colombian popster Shakira, 38, carries a mix of bits including her passport, vitamins, and an eyelash curler. She also keeps things to keep son Milan amused. ‘I carry my son’s books and a mini soccer ball to play with. It always reminds us of his dad.’ His dad by the way is sexy Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique. Nice.

Megan Fox
Queen of pout Megan Fox surprisingly doesn’t carry a phial of bee venom in her purse to keep them famous lips plump, she instead opts for black sharpie pens (?), soothing skin balm, and spare bills for tipping service staff. ‘I always bring cash for tips. I used to work in a smoothie shop, so I know the value of a tip!’ Awww.

Jessica Alba
Super yummy mummy Jessica Alba is constantly thinking about her two daughters when she packs her handbag of a morning. Along with crayons and toys to keep Honour, 6, and Haven,3, occupied, Jessica, 33, always makes sure she has a stash of portable treats handy. ‘Havie gets carsick, so I have snacks ready. A lollipop or a squeezy fruit pouch usually helps.’ Bless.

Gwen Stefani
The contents of platinum blonde bombshell Gwen Stefani‘s bag is a cool mix of mummyhood and music. The 45 year old mum of three packs almonds for snacking, action figures for her sons Kingston, 8, Zuma, 6, and Apollo,1, to play with aaaaaand a CD of No Doubt‘s new tunes for them all to listen to. Rock on.

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks‘ handbag contains allergy medicine, black eyeliner, her wallet, and a personal list of places the model frequents to get a sweet fix. ‘I carry a list of local ice cream and frozen yogurt shops,’ says America’s Next Top Model presenter. ‘I’m down to going only four times a week!’ Who knew she had such a sweet tooth!

Nicki Minaj
Dem’ curves Nicki Minaj, 32, just puts all of us to shame. ‘I don’t put cash in my Louis Vuitton wallet,’ she revealed. ‘I have it thrown around-just a whole bunch of hundreds, maybe $5,000.’ Makes our greasy Tupperware and broken bronzer look a bit feeble.

Mel B
Scary Spice Mel B, 39, also likes to rock a practical handbag inventory. She admits to carrying Bumble and Bumble hair products, a sewing kit, and packets of ravioli in case she gets peckish. She also likes to watch episodes of Miranda on her iPad when she travels. Good on ya Mel.