Ex-Eastender is grabbed by the neck by a drunken guest

Ex-Eastender Elaine Lordan was allegedly throttled in a hotel lift after a night out with pals.

It’s claimed the 40-year-old was grabbed by the neck from behind by a drunken woman guest.

She’s reported to have pounced as Elaine was heading to her room to get changed shortly after watching hit ITV1 show Soapstar Superstar on Sunday night.

An onlooker tells The Sun: ‘Elaine walked into the lift on the ground floor, then the girl got in on the first floor.

‘When the doors opened again the girl looked as if she had grabbed Elaine from behind. Elaine was distressed and ran away.’

Elaine, who was the first contestant to be booted off Soapstar Superstar last Friday, was comforted in her room by pals.

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